Throwing Knives – Sports and Hobbies

Knife throwing is an art that a master of knife fighting must possess to perfection. When solving problems and conflict in civilian self-defense, throwing knives can hit the enemy at a distance of 10 meters or more. However, such casting requires long and thorough practice.

Regular practice of throwing sports knives has a beneficial effect on all body systems, but throwing a knife on accuracy is a particularly important skill to master their emotional state fully. In this regard, casting has a positive influence on the central nervous system and thus on the coordination capacity of humans. And it’s not just empty words; watching his students in the knife-throwing class, I noticed a real change in their psyche and coordination. Self-confidence, cold-blooded and calculating, sober assessment of the situation are the characteristics of all who have worked with a knife for a long time.

The success of any business largely depends on the choice of equipment. It is especially important in sports. Otherwise, all your efforts may go down the drain, and time wasted on your strength and nerves not return.

Blade weight and balancing

The weight of the blade should be 200; its balance should be checked as follows: in the place where the arm of the edge begins, place your index finger, say, his right hand and index finger of his left hand slightly hold the edge in a horizontal position on the tip. When you release the left hand, the fingers grip the border as if it were hanging, smooth, and need to pull a blade to the ground. If the knife’s handle is much heavier than the blade, the knife will fall directly to the floor toward the handle. That’s why such a button needs help.

Throw knife up

The most common way. Grab the knife with his right hand. The thumb is on the standard of the sport, a standard left-hander. Rotate up and down away from the blade, but do not bend the brush. Then push with his right foot, turning the body to the left (as with the direct strike to the box), and the movement of the hand sends the knife into the target, arm forward when the arm is fully extended.