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Phill Hartsfield has been making blades since he was 11 years old. Although he makes many styles of blades, he is best known for his Japanese-style knives and swords.

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Phill Hartsfield-Blademaker

Many years of study of the traditional blades have led him to his own expression of this art form. “The steel of

the old blades was absolutely magical for that time, but I feel ignoring the advances of modern

technology would be a compromise in producing the best possible blade.” Phill’s blades are

tool steel, RC 60, and as the hamon indicates, they are edge hardened. This is done in the treatment of heat

, which Phill does himself. This is the way he ensures the quality (and spirit) of the blade

Jens Anso Casino Folder Review

Jens Anso Casino is one of the most beautifully crafted portfolios ever created. Features a RWL-34 stainless steel blade and beautiful bronze handle scales. The blade and half-stop mechanism feature non-locking triple-lock mechanisms that give the knife a friction-free online casino. The overall design of the knife is sleek and elegant, with all its intricate details. Anso Casino also comes with a matching pocket clip.

The design of the Casino knife shares many of the same characteristics as the Monte Carlo, but is a custom order and shares strong ties to its namesake. This model does not lock, with a claw opening that is ideal for everyday transport in any country. Its blade is two and a half inches long, with a RWL-34 flat blade. It is equipped with a titanium clip with an integrated lanyard hole.

The casino knife is an order piece that has many similarities to Monte Carlo. Its blade is riveted and does not lock. It can be transported anywhere and is legal in any country. The hand-rubbed RWL-34 blade is made from high-quality German steel. The titanium clip is reversible and features a deep pocket titanium clip.

Another distinctive feature of the Casino knife is the unlocked stud opening mechanism. Designed to carry in your pocket, this model is able to withstand the rigors of everyday life. It’s also perfect for carrying wherever you travel, with its convenient, reversible pocket clip and built-in lanyard hole. This knife comes with a lifetime warranty and comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

The Casino knife is an excellent piece of custom steel and is a great choice for anyone who wants to carry a knife anywhere. The design is elegant and luxurious and can be used in any country. The Casino is made of titanium and is a very sturdy and well made blade. The handle and blade of the knife are blue titanium and the titanium pocket clip is reversible. The Anso pocket clip is reversible.

The Anso Casino features a sleek titanium handle and a triple grip ball joint. Casino’s titanium handle is engraved with Anso’s diamond signature, while the titanium pocket clip is reversible. Its blade is two and a half inches long. It is suitable for transportation to any country. You don’t need to worry about its compatibility in a particular country.

The Anso Casino features a hand-rubbed RWL-34 blade with a half stop and double ball joint mechanism. Fine zirconium handles, polished Cromargan and engraved Anso diamond make the casino perfect for any discerning individual. There are many other Anso casino models, and all of them are amazing. This is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or celebrate an unforgettable day with your friends.

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